Our Policy Platform


We need to invest in sources that keep us out of the reactionary loop and stall long-term solutions for everyone. We must fund and support sources that help to not only heal the traumatic wounds from violence, but to prevent it from happening in the first place. The only way for Ward 1 and our neighbors to truly flourish is for us all to feel safe. 

As Councilmember, Sabel will advocate for a nuanced, layered legislative approach that will call for expanded investments in organizations that work directly in the communities, ways to keep the peace in nonviolent ways, intervention services for the people most at-risk with jobs, services, and mental health support. Learn more about Sabel’s Vision for Safety in Ward 1.


Washingtonians come from many backgrounds and face a wide range of challenges, but every student should be given an equitable and inclusive space to learn, grow, and build their future at their schools like Sabel did, regardless of where they come from. 

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated pre-existing stressors, strained resources, and upheaved the classroom. But even before the pandemic, we saw enrollment in Ward 1 schools drop by the thousands, and schools, teachers, and students here have been overlooked. As Councilmember, Sabel will make sure that our students, teachers, and schools are no longer deprioritized and that we put education at the forefront. Learn more about Sabel’s Vision for Schools in Ward 1.


Ward 1 has beautiful landmarks like Malcolm X / Meridian Hill Park, vibrant nightlife areas such as U St and Adams Morgan, and historic residential areas like LeDroit Park and Mount Pleasant. While each of these areas and parks help make Ward 1 one of the best places to live, constituent services for our neighbors have fallen short over the last several years. 

Constituent services can mean a number of things for Washingtonians, but at a baseline these are small details that have a large impact on residents’ daily lives. If elected as Ward 1 Councilmember, Sabel understands that the larger policy work is a key responsibility but smaller things like trash, rat abatement, sidewalk fixes, signage, construction, parking, and more are just as important. Learn more about Sabel’s Vision for Services in Ward 1.


The climate crisis is here and we must act now. DC could face even more flooding, destructive storms, and sweltering heat waves — this will have devastating effects on us all, but especially especially communities of color, immigrants, low-income and working-class families who are at the frontlines of this crisis.  

Ward 1 is the smallest geographically, but is the densest. There are inequalities and inequities that have persisted in our Ward and we have the chance to build a better and greener future that works for everyone here. As Councilmember, Sabel will push for new standards for our Ward and DC overall to help prevent this crisis and provide for a future-proof, sustainable path forward for all Washingtonians. Learn more about Sabel’s Vision for Sustainability in Ward 1.