Ward 1 has beautiful landmarks like Malcolm X / Meridian Hill Park, vibrant nightlife areas such as U St and Adams Morgan, and historic residential areas like LeDroit Park and Mount Pleasant. While each of these areas and parks help make Ward 1 one of the best places to live, constituent services for our neighbors have fallen short over the last several years.

Constituent services can mean a number of things for Washingtonians, but at a baseline these are small details that have a large impact on residents’ daily lives. If elected as Ward 1 Councilmember, Sabel understands that the larger policy work is a key responsibility but smaller things like trash, rat abatement, sidewalk fixes, signage, construction, parking, and more are just as important.

Establishing Responsive, Active Help

Service-level agreements can easily be put in place in order to ensure that each request is met with a response and resolution in a timely manner.

The most pressing issues like water disruptions, gas leaks, and more, cannot wait. These gaps in services compound and begin to affect the overall safety and economy in Ward 1. As Councilmember, Sabel will ensure that there will always be a response no more than 24 hours and a timeline for when the issue can be solved. 

Data-Driven Approach

In her career, Sabel has had to analyze and make decisions based on the data in front of her. It has helped her set a clear directional vision for what’s working and what isn’t, alongside the very real human element of policy making.

On Open Data DC, all 311 service requests district wide are published every 30 days — but currently, this data isn’t used as well as it could be. Wecan not only  assess this data to fix the problems, but also take a proactive approach to ensure there are longer-term solutions in place to prevent future, larger issues.

As Councilmember, Sabel will be the first to implement this data-driven approach to constituent services, which will not only help to spot problems in real-time, but will prevent real harm.

Transparency In Support

Some of the regulations that help our city function still hinder progress and performance. There are so many different agencies responsible for providing resolutions to day-to-day issues for residents in Ward 1, which can make it confusing when looking for help. 

While serving as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Sabel noticed many residents didn’t know that there was an app for 311 to submit requests and were often unaware of the regulations in place for projects like new developments. This lack of transparency and knowledge share makes things harder to understand, which ultimately impacts the overall solutions and lessens community involvement. As Councilmember, Sabel will use her platform to help provide education on resources for residents, like filing 311 tickets, and shine a light on the opaqueness that has formed in local government.