Meet Sabel

I’m Sabel and I’m the daughter of Vietnamese boat refugees and working-class Virginians. I’m an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, community builder, advocate, and educator. I’m running to be your Ward 1 Councilmember to fight for those of us who have been overlooked for far too long.

Growing Building Communities In DC Today

Landing and living in Ward 1 has perennially deepened her love of the District, from its vibrant history and culture to the welcoming neighbors that live there. After seeing the opportunity to make meaningful change in her neighborhood, Sabel took the leap into public service by running for, and securing a seat on, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission for 1B representing Single Member District 12, home to over 2,000 residents. Aside from her loving partner, Paul Gleger, Sabel is supported in her volunteering for the ANC by their rescue dog, Essie, that walks with Sabel on the streets of the U St Neighborhood throughout the day while she checks on neighbors, reports service issues, and connects with the local businesses.

Career In Startups

Working in the technology sector as a marketing expert for a wide range of sectors has exposed Sabel to many communities diverse in their challenges but sharing a common goal: to discover the roadblocks and pathways connecting stakeholders with services and products that can make a direct impact on the way they live and work. Whether with small businesses or multi-billion dollar companies, Sabel takes a holistic approach to understanding what an organization needs, who their target audience is, and how to avoid bias and complacency. This method has carried over into her work with ANC 1B, balancing competing interests, and generating solutions for the diverse residents of the neighborhood.

Advocating For Everyone

During her tenure as Commissioner for 1B12, Sabel has striven for inclusion for every one of her neighbors, especially those whose voices have been ignored for years. From use of public spaces within the Reeves Center to ensuring safe transportation and pedestrian access for all, their concerns have taken center stage. Being a liason from the hyper-local level up to the Council has shown her how important it is for the marginalized members of our community to have the privilege of being represented the same as every other resident. Here are just a few of the things she has led on:

  • Reeves Center Development
  • Planned Unit Development at 1250 U St 
  • Advocacy on Safer Streets 
  • Protest and Fight to End Police Brutality 
  • DC 311 Super User
  • Answering Service Requests
  • Multiple Community Agreements with New Bars and Restaurants 
  • Transparency and Education on Local Government  

Journey To The US​

Sabel was raised by her mother, Jackie, a boat refugee from Vietnam who fled there in 1975 with Sabel’s aunts, uncle, and Ong Ngoai and Ba Ngoai (Maternal Grandfather and Grandmother). Jackie was determined to set a good example that cultivating a hard work ethic and demonstrating your skill could help break down barriers for mothers. She began college when she was 30 to get her degree from Christopher Newport University and is continuing to develop a career in workforce development. Her family’s focus on education led Sabel to George Mason University where she studied for a degree in history and economics. Sabel’s family, including her two little sisters (Caitlin, 20, and Reese, 13), currently reside in Virginia Beach.